Speaker Spotlight: Riverview Church’s Senior Pastor Dr Steve McCready!

Some of you may know of Steve from his ‘pulpit work’ at Riverview Church following his commencement to the role of Senior Pastor in June 2021.

Others may have worked with his wonderful wife, Rebecca, who teaches Kindergarten at Southern Hills Christian College (we previously profiled her as an excellent staff member in this SCEA News article).

Steve was born and bred in Belfast, Northern Ireland and came to Perth after a ten-year stint in Canada (four years in Calgary’s Rocky Mountains and six years in St Thomas, Ontario).

So what should we expect from a Northern Irish, part Canadian, part Aussie when he comes to deliver a keynote address to the SCEA staff at the SCEA Celebration Day on Monday, 24 July 2023?

We found out this week!

1.What is the greatest thing you have achieved in your life?

What a great question! My interests and passions are so wide and varied – I’m not sure where to land.

I have some significant accomplishments from my rugby playing days, lots of stories of failures and successes in my parenting, and I have a great marriage, filled with fun and adventure, and I would consider that a great achievement.

From a personal perspective, finishing my doctorate, in the middle of a pandemic, while navigating a transition from a pastoral calling in Canada, and making it to Western Australia to begin ministry at Riverview Church, would have to be considered a significant achievement. I’m just not sure which part was the greatest!

2. Finish this sentence with your own words – “The gospel of Jesus Christ can change lives because …..”

The Gospel of Jesus Christ can change lives, because it is the power of God that leads to salvation. The word power (δύναμις (dynamis), is connected to our modern explosive dynamite.

Dynamite is used to change the terrain, to make clearings, to unearth beauty, to transform the landscape.

The Good News about King Jesus is God’s explosive power at work, transforming the landscape of history and of our lives, individually and as part of his church.

We are very thankful for Dr Steve and his ministry.

Be sure to get a photo with him on the big day at the Celebration Photo Booth!

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