Obituary: Mrs Daina Trew

Mrs Daina Trew was known to the wider SCEA community as a supportive parent of Swan Christian College (SCC), an excellent staff member who rose to a leadership position after years of dutiful service, and the mother of a West Coast Eagles footballer (her son Zane was featured in a SCEA News article after he made his debut for the club in 2022). A couple of SCC staff members took time out this week to share their thoughts on the life of Mrs Trew.

SCC staffer Mrs Hollie Johnson remembered her longtime friend as a hard worker and a loving colleague:

“When Daina started as a parent off SCC in 2008, she wasn’t a follower of Christ. But through friendships she formed with staff and other Christian parents, she started attending church. The rest is a beautiful history of her new faith and growth as she grew in her relationship with Jesus.  

“Daina was an incredibly motivated woman, and from those early days, she wanted to support students who struggled with their learning. She obtained her qualification as an Education Assistant and worked as part of our learning support team at SCC. She then completed her teaching degree, and her service was an integral part of our Year 6 teaching team for many years.

“In 2020, Daina joined our leadership team at SCC as our Deputy Principal. She was a shining light in this role. Daina put everything into providing the best support for staff, students, and parents. She loved a good challenge! In my time with her in leadership, I never heard or saw her overwhelmed by a task. Her attitude was, ‘Ok, let’s problem-solve this!

“Working under and alongside the beautiful Mrs Trew was an absolute blessing. She was passionate about her calling and committed to giving her best. She inspired the team and me here at SCC. The loss of Mrs Trew will be felt by the entire Swan community of staff, parents, and past and present students. She has left a beautiful legacy here at Swan, but most importantly, she is a treasured friend.”

Fellow staffer Mrs Lorna Shearing also remembers the wonderful times together with Mrs Trew during her years at SCC:

“Daina was a lifelong learner, and after qualifying to be a teacher, she undertook her Master’s in Education in Special Needs. 

“Her service as Deputy of SCC Junior School was at a time of rolling lockdowns, online learning and the interruptions of the pandemic months. She worked tirelessly as she assisted staff, and supported students and families. She was loved by all for her gentleness and approachability. 

“There were many memorable moments that we shared with dress ups, art and craft activities – including candle making for special occasions, fundraising and making online videos for students so that connection could be shared when face-to-face teaching wasn’t possible.

“Her greatest joy and pride was her family, and her boys graduated from the College, with son Zane fulfilling his dream to be an AFL footballer for the Eagles and Jett (whilst sharing valuable time with his Mum) has a strong interest in the finance sector. Daina’s husband, Dean, will continue to be loved and supported, and our community is thankful for his care and support of his loved wife, Daina. 

Photo: Mrs Daina Trew (pictured on the right) working with Year 6 students in the SCC Junior School in 2021 alongside SCC Head of Music, Ms Susannah Morcombe and SCEA Chief Executive Officer, Dr Graeme Cross.

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