Obituary: Mrs Carol Smith

Mrs Carol Smith was employed for twenty years at Ellenbrook Christian College (ECC) from 2003 until 2023.

Her funeral on 24 February 2023 was attended by a number of ECC staff and staff from Northshore Christian Grammar School (NCGS) due to family connections and work colleagues.

ECC staffer Mrs Danielle Grisham met Carol in 2015 when Carol had already been at ECC for twelve years and shared her memories of their time together this week:

“When I first met Carol, I had just begun at ECC, and she was working in Home Economics with Isabelle – they were a tight team. Soon after, when I became the Learning Support Coordinator, Carol became part of my team. This was just one of the many changes that Carol had to manage during her twenty-year tenure at ECC. She performed many jobs, working across the school in multiple areas, and she dealt with change well.

“Her friends would use words to describe Carol: kind, generous, a somewhat cheeky sense of humour, honest, genuine, active, and hardworking.

“She was a very giving person – she made ‘heat packs’ for Student Services, she would go out of her way to help teachers, she would be brave and tell students about her childhood, and she would find different ways to assist wherever she could.

“For me, what impressed me most, was her tenacity.

“Every time I asked Carol to try something new, she would say the same thing: ‘I’m too old to try new things!’

“But then I would watch her as she began reconnaissance: talking to teachers, collecting information, and organising her notes. Her attitude would change from being concerned and worried to feeling confident. We repeated this cycle a few times, but it always ended the same: Carol would tackle something that brought uncertainty to her, and she would do this quietly and efficiently conquer it – and she would model this practice to others.

“As a staff, we watched over the last two years as she faced cancer with grace, dignity and unshakable faith in God. Carol knew who was in control and always pointed to the Father, directing our attention to God and his faithfulness.

“This is her testimony and legacy:

“Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfil his promises to her.”

– Luke 1:45

ECC staffer Ms Petalyn Dodson fondly remembered Carol this week:

I met Carol in 2006 when I started work at ECC in the Canteen. Carol was in Home Economics, which adjoined the Canteen where I was. We started with our little chats, and we got to know a little about each other over the years. Both of us were very quiet people, and it wasn’t until about ten years later that I got to know Carol properly. 

“She had a patient and quiet nature with the students. She had some difficult responsibilities, including working with a child with a brain tumour. It takes a special kind of person to cope with his problems; she was truly amazing in her work with him. Carol would help out in the Canteen when things got busy, and she always called me ‘Pet’ which made me feel special. 

“She did her work well and got along with everyone. It was a privilege to know her. I know she is with our Lord Jesus Christ and will be basking in His glory now.”

Photo: Canteen Manager Ms Petalyn Dodson (left) with past student Kayla Williams-Tucker (centre) and Mrs Carol Smith in 2008.

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