SCEA Celebration Speaker Spotlight – Dr Brian Harris

Our final ‘spotlight’ for Celebration Day in 2022 is Dr Brian Harris – longtime Principal of Vose Seminary (now Morling College Perth – Vose Campus) and now Director of AVENIR Leadership Institute.

AVENIR is an initiative of the Carey Group (Carey Baptist College, it’s church and other affiliated ministries) and keeps Brian busy when he is not teaching, preaching and formulating Christian Schools Australia (CSA) resources!

Dr Harris is also a Director of the Australian College of Theology and a Distinguished International Visiting Scholar of Spurgeon’s College, London. 

Dr Harris has spoken previously to SCEA staff and appeared in the ‘Open Book’ Biblical Literacy and ‘Flourish’ series’ used in SCEA schools.

Believe it or not, it’s actually ten years since Dr Harris first brought a keynote to SCEA audiences, as evidenced through the photo below!

Great to see Dr Harris still smiling, still preaching and still looking young and healthy!

Dr Harris delivers a speech at the 2012 ‘Mind The Gap’ Conference in the Swan gymnasium in 2012.

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