Support Staff Professional Support & Accountability booklet is on its way!

Savvy SCEA staff will be aware that some new literature informs the way we teach in our schools – courtesy of our Chief Education Officer, Dr Thelma Perso.

You may remember that back in November 2021, we reported on two new documents circulating amongst our staff.

The ‘Gospel-Inspired Teaching & Learning’ (purple cover) was distributed to our teachers to help inform their development. The ‘Gospel-Inspired Leading & Teaching’ (green cover) was also released for teacher-leaders (Heads of Department, Deputy Principals, etc.) to assist in their ongoing development with support.

In the coming weeks, a third document in the series will be released – ‘Gospel-Inspired Supporting Teaching & Learning’ (yellow cover), and this document is specifically for ‘Support Staff’ across SCEA schools.

This group of people is highly diverse, ranging from Enrolment Officers and Facilities Managers right through to Chaplains and Psychologists. The writing process required Dr Perso to draw on many contributors to ‘cover all of the bases’ and hear their voices.

This week we had a sneak peek into the making of this document and another manuscript that will culminate this writing suite.

“SCEA’s Support Staff are often the quiet achievers in our schools,” said Dr Perso.

“They work tirelessly behind the scenes performing functions that keep the organisation running and supporting the activity of teaching and learning – which is our schools’ core business.”

SCEA Marketing’s Jon Buckmaster explained the rationale for the art direction on this new document:

‘No one attempts to climb anything of significance without support. As such, the concept of scaling a mountain and the apparatus around carabiners, strong ropes and fasteners naturally lends itself to the purpose of our goal with this document – to empower those who support our schools. The sense of awe and wonder at God’s creation also makes this cover image come alive for me,’ said Jon.

Who are these ‘quiet achievers’ in our schools?

See if you can recognise any of these SCEA Support Staff in the photos below!

The last book in this canon of literature will be completed before the end of Term 2, and we will preview that document in SCEA News.

As the term winds to a close, let us continue to honour those seeking to make our schools happy and healthy places for our students and families through their hard work, attention to detail and encouragement and love for each person created by God.

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