SCEA staff gather together to raise teaching standards across our schools

Dr Thelma Perso (Chief Education Officer) has been busy over the last few months creating publications that will serve our teachers and school leaders in the delivery of Christian education to our students.

This week was the culmination of the first stage of the process, with primary and secondary leaders from across our SCEA schools meeting on separate occasions to work through the new documentation with Dr Perso.

The first document, entitled the ‘Gospel-Inspired Professional Support and Accountability Framework for Teachers’ (the purple book) will be circulated to all teaching staff in the coming weeks.

The second document, entitled the ‘Gospel-Inspired Teaching and Learning Framework for Leader-Teachers’ (the green book) is for teacher-leaders across our schools.  It assists teachers’ supervisors as they develop and support their staff as Christian teachers.

The creation of these documents brings together the best available educational research and matches it with the beauty and wonder of the Christian gospel.  The documents reference SCEA staff who have helped in the development of these resources.

The brightly-coloured booklets will be widely used by all SCEA schools and staff moving forward. We are so blessed to have someone of Dr Perso’s immense knowledge and experience working with us at SCEA! 

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