A Big Week for Ellenbrook Christian College!

For most of us in SCEA, today is simply the end of Week 2 of the term and the countdown is on for the end of the year.  For Principal Mr Mike Pitman and the staff at Ellenbrook Christian College (ECC), this week has been nothing short of momentous.

Tuesday – Census Audit of all school documents with government authorities pouring over records to ensure accuracy and consistency. New Business Manager Mrs Kylie Smith had to rely on some strong coffee to get through the day!

Wednesday – School Registration Visit where a panel reviews each part of the educational process. Kylie’s coping mechanism: Mrs Marisa Streeton’s homemade cinnamon muffins.

“They were a big hit! The late-night before and the early morning certainly were tiring but the muffins were just what we needed to get through the day!”

For staff who have never endured the process of registration visits, they can be quite a daunting task at times. The panel checks College records, curriculum and critical incidents just to name a few areas. Special thanks to SCEA representatives Dr Graeme Cross (SCEA Chief Executive Officer), Dr Thelma Perso (SCEA Chief Education Officer) and Mr Robert Edkins (SCEA Board Chair) for their attendance and participation in this process.

A big thank you to Mrs Marisa Streeton (Enrolments and Personal Assistant to the Principal), Mrs Kylie Smith (Business Manager), Mrs Danielle Grisham (Head of Learning Support) and Mrs Michelle Schouten (Dean of Senior Studies) for their help in the preparation and running of the day.

Friday – Year 12 Graduation Ceremony. What will Kylie do today?

“Our staff have embraced the challenge of this busy week and it’s great to see the College continuing to grow and be recognised for the work that it is doing in the lives of people in our community.”

These recent photos of the students and staff at ECC show the industrious learning and happy engagement that is taking place on the Santona Boulevard campus each day.

Well done Ellenbrookians!

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