SCEA Snap of the Week : ‘Logan for Logan’

The story behind this photo is something to behold.

Southern Hills Christian College (SHCC) Pre-Primary student Logan Treasure has just begun his educational journey. In addition, he also has a form of cancer known as promyelocytic leukemia.

SHCC Year 12 student Logan McEvoy (due to finish his schooling journey soon) decided to shave his iconic ‘mullet’ hairstyle as part of a fundraising drive (in consultation with the Cancer Council) for his younger namesake, affectionately known as ‘Young Logan’.

The school-based fundraising activities (free dress day, hamburger stall, etc.) raised more than $2,000 for this cause and Year 12 Logan’s external fundraising efforts through family and friends has now raised another $2,000 for the cause of ‘Young Logan’. His goal is to raise a total of ten thousand dollars for leukemia treatments.

This week, the beloved mullet was cut off by the ‘Young Logan’ – with the assistance of talented staff members.

A fantastic student-led initiative by one of Southern Hills senior students!

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