SCEA students go bananas for Book Week

Where’s Wally?

The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe.

Even ‘The Wiggles’ were represented at this year’s Book Week celebrations across SCEA campuses.

Northshore’s Principal, Mr Stuart Chisholm became Elvis and the ubiquitous Elsa from ‘Frozen’ popped up numerous times at each assembly.

Book Week represented creativity and the opportunity to make characters come to life. Even the staff dressed up and had fun with the whole event!

Usually, our SCEA staff are required to wear professional, business attire. However, the photo gallery below displays staff in a sheep ‘onesie’, a pirate outfit and the wonderful character of Mary Poppins to name just a few of the impressive costumes on display.

See the gallery below for a selection of great photos from across SCEA.

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