Smiling Face of the Week – SCEA Office’s Simone Van Zuylen

For the past couple of months, visitors to the SCEA Office have missed out on being greeted with a smile by Simone Van Zuylen who works on the Front Reception as well as handling a number of duties in the Finance team at the same time.

“I recently had six weeks off with medical leave. It was a good opportunity to process things and think life through – but it is nice to be back,” says Simone between phone calls and the comings and goings of visitors.

“The best part of my job is working with the people around me. I’ve been here two years and this was the right job for me at the right time. I’m blessed to be a part of this team.”

What’s the worst part?

“I would say the filing process – but that changed when COVID-19 hit. We needed to move manual files from one person to another, so we converted the entire system to digital and now it’s much simpler and I don’t have to do so much manual filing!”

While Simone has only been at the SCEA Office for two years, she is no stranger to SCEA with her four children Nathan (SCC Class of 2012), Michaela, Josh and Aiden all graduating from Swan Christian College: Junior Campus in the last ten years.

“I grew up with Christian grandparents and parents and I knew church from a young age, giving my heart to the Lord at around 12 years of age. The initial reason we moved to Riverview around 26 years ago was that our neighbour had become a Christian and we needed a church nearby that would help them along in their new faith journey. Riverview also had a vibrant children’s ministry and a youth program which was really important to us.”

Two years ago Simone moved to Collective Hope Church, Mount Lawley where she loves the people and being a part of the church community.

“It’s good to know that God is always there, always listening.”

The next time you pop into the SCEA Office, be sure to complement Simone on her digital filing, her calmness or just her fantastic hair!

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