SCEA’s Annual General Meeting celebrates 2020 achievements

On Wednesday 11 August a group of approximately 50 people met at Swan Christian College for SCEA’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) which was re-scheduled due to WA’s lockdown in late-June.

While there was a solid crowd present who heard from SCEA Board Chair Mr Robert Edkins and Chief Executive Officer Dr Graeme Cross regarding the successes of 2020 and the road forward for the organisation, unfortunately, there were not enough SCEA members present to form the quorum required to elect Board members, Governance Committee members, approve the 2020 AGM minutes and appoint the auditors.

Dr Cross gave a brief Chief Executive Officer Update which outlined the strategic goals of the organisation and the excellent work that is being done across our schools in the last twelve months.

Nominated Board members Mrs Charlene Woodbine and Mr Jeffery Miller both addressed the room regarding their suitability and desire to serve as Board Members with their election scheduled to take place at the adjourned AGM scheduled for September 1st, 2021.

Following the AGM, a Constitutional Review Committee update was present by Dr Martin Bent which outlined how the Committee has been working to review the current Constitution, looking at potential amendments to be considered for adoption by the Members later this year. The members of this Committee include Mr Robert Edkins (SCEA President), Mrs Caroline Blake (Association Member), Dr Martin Bent (Association Member), Mr Rod McNeill (Principal, Mundaring Christian College), Mrs Katrina Merrells (Chair – Parent Committee, Beechboro Christian School) and Dr Cross.

Next week gives another opportunity for the Association Members to gather as they celebrate 40 years of SCEA education at the 2021 President’s Reception. This will be held at Mundaring Christian College Senior Campus in McDowell Loop, Parkerville on Tuesday, August 17th from 6:30pm.

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