Financier of the Week – Mrs Lizl Coetzee

When Belinda Godfrey left the SCEA Human Resource team last term to pursue a career in consulting, a shuffle took place at the SCEA Office that opened up new opportunities in the Finance team.

The Human Resource position was filled by Finance’s Renae Matich, leaving a void in Finance – enter Mrs Lizl Coetzee!

While Lizl may be a new name to some, the Coetzee family will be familiar to our staff in the Beechboro and Ellenbrook campuses where the three Coetzee girls attend as students.

“We love the friendly atmosphere in the schools. It’s nice to see into the life of the school when they have assemblies,” says Lizl, who has been in her role as Financial Accountant for just three weeks.

Growing up in the city of Bloemfontein in South Africa, Lizl studied to be an accountant and then moved to the regional centre of Nelspruit (pronounced Nell-Sprite) to pursue the world of auditing and finance with her husband, who is also an accountant.

A subsequent move to the United Kingdom saw stays in Oxford and London before returning to South Africa to become parents. A final move to Australia in 2016 allowed the Coetzee family to make Ellenbrook their home where they have thrived in the SCEA system ever since.

Lizl is a very welcome addition to the Finance team, and we are delighted she has joined our SCEA staff.

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