Homemade Mask of the Week – Swan’s Marie Goodchild

As a relatively new employee to SCEA (Marie began as the Community Engagement & Enrolments Officer at Swan Christian College in mid-April 2021), Marie Goodchild brings a lifetime of experience to Swan – and a very famous surname!

It was Brian Goodchild who was at the first meeting (in August 1981) regarding the formation of the first SCEA school (Midland Christian School, now Swan Christian College Junior Campus) and the ‘Goodchild’ name has been a part of the forty years of SCEA history as the family tirelessly worked to make the concept of SCEA schools a reality through their attendance as students, participation at Association Members’ meetings and Brian’s contribution as a Board member over a number of years.

Marie is married to Russell Goodchild who graduated from SCC in 1990.

In her role as Community Engagement & Enrolments Officer, how does she engage with the community from a faith-based position?

“I think that education is so important in and of itself, and the impact of Christian education should be life-changing. I’ve always been drawn to roles that see me connect with people, work in a relational setting and focus on creating the best possible experience for families and individuals,” says Marie through her made-to-measure mask.

Marie knows the power of experiences, after her own school graduation culminated in a life-changing trip to the Bunbury State Youth Games in 1991.

“I had seen religious reverence in my youth, and I appreciated it. But what I saw on this weekend was the Bible becoming very real for me and the sense that the Christian way of life could be enjoyable and very practical and positive for me. I made a commitment on that weekend that changed my life.”

After graduating with a Bachelor of Business in Tourism, Marie spent time with Tourism WA and was a popular figure at Warwick Church of Christ and the Warwick Leisure Centre before moving to Swan earlier this year.

So, what’s with the mask?

“This is quite a special mask, made by hand, and I got it in Helena Valley from a friend who makes them.”

Bespoke, tailored, customized, individual service.

Anyone who comes across Marie Goodchild at Swan quickly realizes that she is a person who cares for everyone on an individual level – she remembers details, she values personal interactions, and she is completely customer-focused.

“I am loving the opportunity to work in this Christian environment at Swan. Every day is a blessing and it’s really a joy to spend time with staff, students, new families and parents who intend to live life to the full and see our brand of education really shine here in Middle Swan!”

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