KCS staff are busy – in and out of the classroom!

Kalamunda’s Principal, Dr Gregg Weaver, is keeping his staff busy!

Over the past fortnight, he has unveiled a new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) room at the school, played ‘Air Guitar’ to a sold-out crowd at the KCS Quiz Night, and hosted the return of the post-COVID ‘Fathering Project’.

The STEM phenomenon is taking Australian schools by storm, with drones and 3-D printers popping up in classrooms across the country. Dr Weaver has begun STEM at Kalamunda by exploring different renewable energies. Prototype models, design to construction methodology and group appraisals of products are part of the new methods of learning at KCS, along with some innovative products and exciting gadgets.

The Quiz Night was a great opportunity for KCS families to get together and test their trivia knowledge while reconnecting in mask-free conditions. The KCS teachers came in third place, in second was ‘Big Daddy Weave’ and his sidekicks and the winning table were appropriately named ‘The Saints’ as their impeccable behaviour surely won them some ‘brownie’ points with the judges on the night!

The Fathering Project (an initiative of Dr Bruce Robinson to engage father figures in their school communities) successfully re-launched at Northshore last month, and this week, KCS dads got together at the Kalamunda Bowling Club to talk about creating quality time, envisage projects that promote togetherness and share stories of how each dad can be a great father to their children at Kalamunda Christian School.

When asked if he was happy to repeat his ‘air-guitar’ antics at the New Years Celebration in 2022, Dr Weaver simply pointed out that a certain SCEA Board Member who was present at the Quiz Night upstaged him as the main act when the music got loud!

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