Evergreen of the Week – Renée Melvin

This week we celebrate a true SCEA Pioneer – Renée Melvin.

Renée was a teacher during the very early years of Swan Christian College (then Swan Christian High School) when it was based in Columbo Street, Victoria Park prior to its permanent home on Great Northern Highway in Middle Swan. 

Back in 1984-1985, the school existed as a makeshift educational institution waiting for a permanent home.  Busloads of students would travel from Midland Station to Victoria Park, to the campus which was in a vacant remand centre. The handful of teachers (including Renée, Rob Merrells, Viv Hill, etc.) worked hard as a foundational staff to provide a solid level of Christian education for families who had made this adventurous step with their children’s education.

“It was an all-consuming task in those early years. It was a special time to be a part of in the history of SCEA,” said Renée this week.

After a break to begin a family and then a support role with Telstra, Renée returned to SCEA in 2010 – initially as a Receptionist and then moving into the Human Resources team.

“It was quite special to return to SCEA in 2010 and see how the organisation had grown.”

Renée finishes up with SCEA next week after a wonderful tenure that has seen her enrich the lives of her colleagues in the SCEA Office.

“I have greatly appreciated the devotional times when we are free to pray together and share God’s word as a team. My colleagues have been wonderful examples of how the Lord can work through all of us, and I have found this to be a very fulfilling time at SCEA.”

Renée plans to spend more time at the Ladies Bible Study at her local church and care for her elderly mother, who is 94 years old this year. 

It is the sacrifice of Renée and so many other SCEA Pioneers that allow our schools to be the places that they are today – educational institutions that seek to enhance the lives of young people through academic equipping, mental awakening and, of course, gospel insight. 

A fantastic innings, Renée!

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