Episode 4: The Police Officer

SCEA’s Policy Police Officer, Chief Inspector Weaver, has been on the beat lately. 

While he maintains he has a soft heart and loves showing grace, he certainly is keeping vigilant and is ready to help remind any staff who are going astray. 
It is reported that he has had cause to occasionally apprehend the odd culprits who forget their obligations as good SCEA citizens.  

He says the secret to good policy policing is:

  • Knowing the law, 
  • Providing advice and gentle reminders, 
  • and being ever watchful, especially of those hiding in the hills (MCC, KCS, SHCC), lurking in the valley (SCC), hiding in the suburbs (BCS and ECC), or scarpering up north (NCGS).
Police security - on patrol keeping the public safe

There certainly is a lot going on in the neighbourhood:

  • All SCEA policies have been completely reformatted and coded, and these have been uploaded to the SCEA Intranet as of Tuesday, 26 May. 

  • All previous versions have been removed and replaced – so if you are hanging on to old hard copies, bin them and download the updated versions. 
    (Huge thanks go to Mrs Anna Guy for the substantial work in ensuring this has all happened with her usual professionalism and care).

  • The SCEA Wellbeing and Chaplaincy Network is making substantial progress in establishing a common Student Wellbeing Framework for SCEA. 

Work has started on reviewing existing related policies.

  • The “Graduate Teacher Support Policy and Procedures” has been out for a little while for consultation. 
    Can the 95 people who received this for their input please ensure they get their feedback to the Policy Policeman by Friday, 7 June at the latest?

  • Behind the scenes, a new Sexual Harassment Policy has been developed and is currently out for final consultation with the SCEA Staff Committee.

While there are times when we need to ‘police’ our staff to ensure that we are following the guidelines set out for our schools, you should rest assured that our intent is always to ensure that our staff are treated with fairness and dignity as we seek to serve our communities of students and parents.

Studio Portrait Of Smiling Mature Female Police Officer Holding Hat Against Plain Background
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