2024 Annual General Meeting (AGM) celebrates God’s provision in our SCEA schools

Organisational maturity and a celebration of God’s work in our schools were the themes that were presented at the Annual General Meeting for Swan Christian Education Association (SCEA) on Thursday 23 May 2024 at Swan Christian College.

This year, all current Board Members remained, with Board Chair Mr Craig Clark giving a devotion on ‘real hope’ to open the evening. Reference was made to recent losses of loved ones that have been felt in the SCEA community and the hope for the future with God in our lives.

Board members Mr Jordan Thyer, Dr Thelma Perso, Mr Rod White and Dr Natalie Leitao were all in attendance as the group heard from Dr Graeme Cross about the developments taking place at each SCEA school site.

Mr Mike Pitman (former SCEA Principal) was elected to the Board Recruitment Committee (BRC) and both Mr Murray Thornhill and Mr Lance Staer were re-elected to the SCEA Grievance Committee as part of the AGM formalities.

The President’s Reception followed the AGM, with worship provided by Dr Gregg Weaver (Chief Education Officer – SCEA), Mrs Natalee Friend and Mr Karl Dietrich from Swan Christian College.

The Board members took time to converse with SCEA Association members and operational staff while Swan Christian College (SCC) provided excellent hospitality courtesy of ‘Chef Rob’ (Rob De Carmo) and his wonderful team.

A few photos from the night can be found below.

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