Episode 3: The Coach

We are all familiar with the idea of a coach, be it the traditional vehicle or the now familiar person who coaches a person or team, such as a soccer coach, life coach, or voice coach. It is all about enabling a person or group of people to move from a starting point to a desired end.

In many ways, policy and procedures are the vehicle, game book, and development manual that help move us as an educational enterprise from uncertainty and inconsistency to confidence and constancy.

Here are the latest developments that are helping in that shift.

  • By the end of next week, all our schools will be uploading hundreds of documents for eminent submission to the Non-Government Schools Regulation Division for a whole-of-SCEA Registration review and renewal. Key to this process is having all our policies and procedures in place and staff familiar with them.

  • An extensively rewritten draft policy – Incursions, Excursions, Camps and Tours – went out for wide consultation at the end of last term. We are eager for feedback and so have extended the deadline until 14th May. Please contact your principals for further information.

  • The Enrolment Policy has been modified to include a section on the place and use of trial days. Now that the principals have contributed, this will be completed and uploaded to the SCEA Intranet shortly.

  • Can I encourage you all to view the updated ‘Alcohol at SCEA Events Policy’ on the SCEA intranet, especially for those on school social committees?

  • The next Policy being reviewed is the ‘Graduate Teacher Support Policy’. It will be important for those who are, or have recently been provisionally registered or have supervised graduates to input so we are setting up those new to the profession to thrive.
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