2024 SCEA Induction Day allows new staff to grow together in readiness for the new school year

A group of more than 100 new SCEA employees spent time at Swan Christian College’s Maalia Mia Theatre on Friday 19 January 2024, to learn about the history of SCEA, the different roles and departments that make up the SCEA Office and the vision for us as Christian educators in 2024.

The SCEA Induction Day allows all new employees to hear directly from the Chief Education Officer (CEO), Dr Graeme Cross, and other members of the Senior Support Team about the way our seven schools interact with the SCEA Head Office.

Each participant was given a ‘Welcome Pack’, which included a letter from the CEO, a calendar of the year with a list of important dates, a SCEA organisational chart, a ‘Mission, Vision & Values’ booklet, a ‘Quicklinks’ page with contact information for each department in SCEA, and a Gospel-Inspired booklet relevant to their area of expertise (teaching or support staff).

Dr Cross outlined some of the historical beginnings of SCEA through the ‘SCEA Pioneers’ video and spoke to the goals that SCEA schools should strive towards in nurturing young people in this modern age.

Presentations from each of the major areas (Mrs Renae Matich from Human Resources, Mr Wayne Fewster from ICT, Dr Gregg Weaver Weaver as the Chief Education Officer, Mr Rhys Vallance in Risk & Compliance and Mr Giles Creelman in Marketing & Community) outlining their departments and their commitment to seeing SCEA schools flourish in 2024.

Dr Gregg Weaver (Chief Education Officer) worked with the teaching staff during the afternoon sessions to instil the SCEA commitment to quality teaching and learning in each of our classrooms.

Below are a few snapshots from the day set aside to welcome new staff into SCEA for 2024.

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