December / January Updates

Salaries and Payments over the Christmas Period
The 3% pay increase taking effect on 1 December 2023 applies to teachers and support staff covered by the Enterprise Agreements.
As such, the first instance of this increase will be paid in the 13 December 2023 payment to staff, along with the Annual Leave Loading.
The following pay cycle (ending 27 December 2023) will be paid early on 20 December 2023. The first pay cycle of 2024 will be paid on 10 January 2024.

The details of the regular payroll payments from SCEA over the Christmas period are listed in the table below:

For further details, please login to Employee Self-Service (ESS) and check your payslips.

**Individual banks differ in their fund processing times. These guides are only estimates.

SCEA Induction and New to Christian Education Day for new staff in 2024

In readiness for 2024, our plan is to welcome our incoming staff and those who have joined during the 2023 year in a way that informs them about life within SCEA. 

The staff members (estimated to be more than 100 individuals from across our seven schools and SCEA Office) will begin their day (Friday, 19 January 2023) at Swan Christian College (SCC) before breaking into Support staff and Teaching staff groups after lunch. The Support staff will visit the SCEA Head Office and meet the staff there, while the Teaching staff will undertake a professional learning session on the Gospel-Inspired Teaching and Learning Framework at SCC before visiting the SCEA Head Office later in the day. 

The day will cover SCEA’s history, Strategic Plan, our mission, vision, values, and important policies. It will allow networking and getting to know staff from other schools and the SCEA Head Office team.

The run sheet for 19 January can be found here:

All new staff who have joined SCEA schools and the Head Office since 1 February 2023 will receive an email invitation with details of the ‘SCEA Induction and New to Christian Education Day’ by Tuesday 12 December 2023.

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