SCC welcomes new parents with home-grown dinner and educational masterclass

In 2022, Dr Darnelle Pretorius, Principal – Swan Christian College (SCC), began a tradition of welcoming new Kindergarten families to SCC by providing a dinner (catered for by Chef Rob and the hospitality students) and a masterclass with the Dean of Early Learning, Mrs Hollie Johnson.

In 2023 this tradition continued, with parents and families enrolled for 2024 coming together for a special Kindergarten dinner that introduced the key SCC staff to new parents in a congenial environment of fun, food, and friendship.

Dr Pretorius and Mrs Johnson gave a warm welcome as the three-course dinner began, with parents given a sneak peek into ‘Kindergarten Life’ in the nearby classrooms. They sampled some of the fun activities their sons and daughters will enjoy next year with new bonds formed and new friendships established between families that will journey together through the SCC community together.

The event succeeded in creating a sense of belonging and building anticipation for the educational journey ahead, with the College’s commitment to fostering a supportive and enriching environment evident to all in attendance.

The stage is set for an incredible year of growth, learning, and cherished memories for both the children and their families at SCC in 2024!

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