TASScon allows SCEA staff to collaborate with other professionals across Australia

While many of us in SCEA may see TASS (The Alpha School System) as a tool used by SCEA staff to simply help with the enrolments and filing documentation, the truth is that this software is used across Australia in a number of schools and it is vital in maintaining student and family records.

This week three SCEA staff members travelled to Queensland to take part in TASScon, a three-day conference devoted to the furtherance of TASS software integration and education in schools.

Mrs Kylie Smith (Business Manager, Ellenbrook Christian College), Mrs Lizl Coetzee (Business Manager – SCEA) and Mrs Lize Janse van Rensburg (Application and Technology Officer – SCEA), made the trip across for the conference, which featured presentations from Chairo Christian School representatives, three different breakout streams for improving specialised knowledge on different aspects of school management and a keynote presentation from school transformation specialist, Mr Peter Hutton (Director Education Transformation, Future Schools Alliance).

The conference featured other keynote speeches on Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) from Michael McQueen (author – The New Rules of Engagement) with almost 200 participants from independent and state schools attending.

TASS continues to play an integral part in our SCEA schools and our hope is that by upskilling our SCEA staff through events such as TASScon we can bring back knowledge and understanding which can then empower other SCEA staff to further utilise these tools to enhance the educational experience for our families and students.

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