Temporary Leadership changes across SCEA

As this term begins, several personnel changes across SCEA have kept the SCEA Human Resources (HR) team busy over the holiday break.

Mr Stuart Chisholm (College Principal, Northshore Christian Grammar School) has begun part of his Long Service Leave, with Mrs Richelle Schokman stepping up to lead the school in Shorehaven for the next three weeks as Acting Principal.

Mr Mike Pitman (College Principal, Ellenbrook Christian College) is currently on sick leave and the College leadership now sits with Mrs Michelle Cockrell for the next six weeks as Acting Principal. Mrs Cockrell has previously held leadership roles at Kalamunda Christian School and Southern Hills Christian College.

Mr Sidney Rajanayagam (Chief Human Resources Officer, SCEA) has begun his Long Service Leave, with Mrs Renae Matich from SCEA’s HR team stepping into his role until mid-year.

There is a joy in working hard for the Lord, but there is also merit in resting, recuperating and realigning ourselves for the journey ahead. It is also good to allow others around us to experience leadership and to ‘bear one another’s burden’ – even if it is only for a short time.

Please be mindful of these three ladies as they take on these added responsibilities for this time. We have every confidence that they will do an outstanding job!

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