SOLD OUT! SOLD OUT! SCC’s ‘High School Musical’ is a hit with theatre-goers this week!

Six consecutive shows could not dampen the enthusiasm for Swan Christian College’s latest theatre production, ‘High School Musical’ – featuring performances from star SCC students under the direction of award-winning director Ms Jane Hille.

Facebook feeds, and parent chats were lighting up this week, with almost all of the shows selling out immediately and ticket capacities now exhausted for the popular performance piece originally performed by Disney actors in the USA.

The show boasts a cast of 80 students, staff actors, and singers, further cementing SCC’s drama program as one of WA’s top-performing institutions. Ms Hille’s SCC team previously won the WA Emerging Artist Award at the 2019 Perth Fringe World Festival for their performance of ‘The Book of Everything.’

Staff and families of the performers were treated to a Sausage Sizzle before a dress rehearsal on Monday night. Public performances began on Tuesday night.

All four public performances were sold out before the Tuesday evening performance began. The matinee performances allowed fellow SCEA students to enjoy the performances before the final two production shows on Friday and Saturday nights.

Congratulations to the production team for delivering an outstanding set of performances and showcasing the God-given talents of our students and staff.

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