BCS opening batsmen to fly out and join the Australian squad for the Third test in India

With the Australian National Cricket Team on the ropes over in India, Beechboro Christian School (BCS) has been putting together a side that may be on the plane to replace Steve Smith & Co. in the near future!

Principal Mike Bolan has been on hand to ensure students do not play their ‘sweep shots’ off the middle stump, especially on a wicket where the bounce can deceive!

Jokes aside, here are just a few photos of the wonderful BCS batters and bowlers together at their first WACSSA Interschool Carnival at Ron Jose Oval.

The girls team had a great result, winning three out of their five games and ending the day in second place overall. The boys had a similar result, winning three out of their five games, finishing third overall.

Congratulations to BCS staffer Ms Tabita Parr and Mr Sharma (a volunteer parent) who have been instrumental in teaching the students the rigours of the sport.

Both of these adults may be needed in India in the next week or in England mid-year to help the Aussies win the Ashes!

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