Inaugral Northshore/Ellenbrook School Ball starts new tradition for two SCEA schools

Year 12 students and staff from Ellenbrook Christian College (ECC) and Northshore Christian Grammar School (NCGS) gathered together at the Mandoon Estate in Middle Swan to dine, dance and delight with great conversation and camaraderie.

ECC has had a tradition of annual Year 12 School Balls since their first group of Year 12’s graduated in 2010, however this was a complete first for NCGS, as College Principal Mr Stuart Chisholm explained:

“This is our first group of Year 12 students from Northshore. We began as a school of about 50 students in 2017, and now we have more than 600 students in our school. Our first cohort of Year 12 students will set the standard for us as an educational institution, and I feel sure that the staff we have within our school will rally around the students this year to make it a very successful time for everyone involved.”

It was difficult to tell who enjoyed the night more – the students, or the staff!

SCEA staff from both schools enjoyed the dance floor and the night was a great success!

Here are a few photos from the evening:

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