Swan Students Display Talent And Poise In Art Exhibition  

Swan Christian College has a secret that many of us in SCEA schools have not realised yet – they hold an annual Art Exhibition with student work that wins awards in state and national competitions!

This year was no different – just have a look at the photos below and think about what you and I were capable of in pottery class in Year 9!

The Exhibition displayed work from Year 1 to Year 12 using a wide range of materials, techniques and styles.

Highlights from Junior School were the Year 1 delightful flowers in vase drawings, the stunning prints from Year 5 and the detailed ceramic tiny houses from the Year 6 class.

The Senior School featured detailed Year 9 Portrait Drawings and ‘Still-Life’ oil paintings.

The ‘People’s Choice Award’ was presented to Ebony (Year 12) who impressed the audience with her large-scale painting titled ‘Out of Season’, demonstrating a masterful use of colour and illusion of texture.

Thank you so much to our wonderful, dedicated Art Teachers, Art Assistants, staff, parents and students for the countless hours of hard work in creating the art as well as organising the event.

An offer has also been made to display some of the artwork in the SCEA Office this week – yes please!

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