Dean’s Commendation For Star Student Amongst Excellent Graduating Group

Avid SCEA News readers will be aware that a number of our staff have been undertaking postgraduate studies through Christian Heritage College (CHC). Graduation time for these hard-working philomaths (the name given to a group of people who love learning and studying) has garnered a ‘Dean’s Commendation’ for Beechboro’s Mr Mike Bolan!

Mr Bolan, who is the Principal of Beechboro Christian School (BCS) even worked through the summer break to complete his Graduate Certificate in a timely manner as the end of 2022 holds a mountain of work in his ‘day-job’ at BCS.

“In December 2022 we will be making the move – our new campus on Bennett Springs Drive will be ready for some of our classes to be set up, and I am sure that moving desks and chairs will keep me very busy at that time,” said Mr Bolan.

Mr Bolan hopes to continue his CHC studies and plans to complete a Master of Education (Leadership) award – but is taking a short break from study for the moment.

“I want to focus on the new school site first. Once that is in hand, I will be in a position to consider the study option again. It is great to study and read, and it has certainly improved the way that I converse with parents, staff and students at my school. It does, however, require a significant investment in time and I need to focus on the school first.”

Other recipients of the Graduate Certificate in Leadership included:

  • Ms Susannah Morcombe (Swan Junior School)
  • Ms Kylie Smith (Ellenbrook Christian College, Business Manager,) and
  • Ms Beth Balla (Swan Christian College, Senior School Performing Arts & English)

SCEA’s partnership with Christian Schools Australia (CSA) and their postgraduate study initiative has been a resounding success, with the first cohort of students receiving their award certificates this week.

The newest cohort of SCEA staff undertaking postgraduate study through CHC includes:

  • Dr Darnelle Pretorius (Swan Christian College Principal),
  • Dr Thelma Perso (SCEA Chief Education Officer),
  • Mr Stuart Chisholm (Northshore Christian Grammar School Principal),
  • Mr Terry Eason (Swan Christian College Deputy Principal), and
  • Mr Gareth Barnard (Mundaring Christian College Health and Physical Education Coordinator)

This program can lead to a Master of Education (Leadership) award or a Master of Business Administration.  If you are interested in enrolling, please let your Line Manager or Principal know as soon as possible.

The postgraduate students have studied via Zoom links from home (during the COVID pandemic) and from the SCEA Office in Midland.

Visiting CSA leaders have delivered lectures from the SCEA Office for the nation’s cohort of CHC students in this course.

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