Survey Time For SCEA Schools

The SCEA Surveys are released across the SCEA communities today, with the aim of this process being the continual improvement of our schools, workplaces and practices as we seek to serve those around us.

The aim is for the surveys to run concurrently for a 14-day cycle and then finish on Friday, 26 August 2022. The SCEA Staff Survey link will be sent to staff today in an email from the Chief Executive Officer, Dr Graeme Cross.

Some SCEA schools will need to delay their survey process for school-based reasons, however, the majority of surveys will begin today.  So, keep an eye on your email Inbox for the link to these short surveys.

All SCEA parents will be given the opportunity to complete a SCEA Parent Survey, which will be distributed by our SCEA schools.

SCEA students from Year 4 to Year 12 will also have the opportunity to complete the SCEA Student Survey during school time.

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