SCEA Calendar 2023 Changes

Perhaps you haven’t even begun to think past the mid-year exams or the three-week break at the end of this term.

Well, lets turn our minds to 2023.

Earlier this year (in 2022), the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) conducted a review of the 2023 calendar for SCEA schools. After consulting with all SCEA Principals and Senior Leaders, an updated Calendar has been prepared and uploaded to the SCEA website here:

What has changed?

Below is a description of what has changed and some of the factors that were considered:

  • SCEA staff now return to schools on 24 January 2022, rather than the earlier dates published previously.
  • There is a total of 185 instructional days for teaching staff, and 9 School Development Days (SDD). Government schools are open for 190 days of instruction. 
  • The Registration requirements for independent schools in WA stipulate a specific number of instructional hours that schools must deliver annually. All SCEA schools have been asked to check these calculations based on 185 days of instruction. Principals have all confirmed that their schools will be compliant based on the 185 days of instruction.
  • Rather than having School Development Days (SDD) attached to long weekends (as has been the SCEA practice historically), they have moved to the start or end of a Term – except for the SDD in March, which is the SCEA Celebration Day.
  • Students’ final day of the year will be Wednesday 13 December 2023, with Thursday 14 and Friday 15 December now being the final days for school staff (School Development Days).
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