SCEA’s Senior Support Team go online to welcome new staff to SCEA schools

Following the recent Health Guidelines laid out by the WA Government, several changes have had to take place across our schools. There is a desire to maintain contact with school staff yet still be in full accordance with the regulations set out by the medical experts.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr Graeme Cross “virtually” welcomed new staff at Beechboro Christian School recently as part of the annual staff induction process. He was assisted by Mr Sidney Rajanayagam (Chief Human Resources Officer, SCEA) as they outlined the vision for SCEA employees and presented the facets of the SCEA Office that new staff may not be aware of: Human Resources, Finance, Education, Marketing, and Information & Communication Technology (ICT).

This event is usually a face-to-face event that allows new employees to hear short speeches from SCEA representatives culminating with a general welcome to our Christian work environment from Dr Cross. Sadly it was confined to the computer screens, with visions of other multi-tiled television shows from the 1970s coming to mind for some of the participants!

These “virtual” sessions will now extend into the regular Senior Support Team (SST) visits, in which the CEO spends one day per week in a different SCEA school, working with the College Principals on School improvement, Financial reviews, Marketing initiatives and Human Resources updates. These meetings are usually accompanied by representatives from the SCEA Office, who are present for their relevant areas of expertise. These representatives will now revert to an online presence where possible to ensure that the risk of a ‘shared space’ is kept to a minimum.

The plan is to get back to face-to-face meetings as soon as possible. However, while these measures are in place, we will have to look on the lighter side of each situation to keep our spirits up!

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