Mandatory Vaccination Information Session with Medical Experts

With the State government mandating a large number of WA’s working public to be vaccinated for the start of the 2022 school year, the timeline for teachers and operational staff to adhere to this directive is causing a level of anxiety for a number of individuals across our SCEA schools.

As educators that are seeking to learn more about the situation that is rapidly unfolding around us, the opportunity to hear from two leading medical experts regarding vaccines and the world of infectious diseases was made available to SCEA staff last week.

On Thursday 11 November, more than 100 staff, Association members and friends gathered in Swan Christian College’s Maalia Mia Theatre to hear from Dr Robyn Gibbs and Dr Peter Boan (credentials displayed previously in SCEA News), with more than 40 attendees tuning in ‘online’.

Following the presentations, there were a number of questions from the floor and from the online community. 

Further time was given by the doctors after this formal session to any individuals who were keen to elaborate on personal circumstances.

There was also the opportunity to ask questions regarding SCEA’s response to the government mandate and this allowed staff to speak directly to the Chief Executive Officer, Dr Graeme Cross, about their personal thoughts from a theological, organisational and corporate perspective. 

The total running time for the session was more than three and a half hours and allowed individuals access to high-level medical insights from two of Western Australia’s experts on COVID.

The night concluded with a time of prayer for the organisation.

A recording of the Information Session can be found here:

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