Leadership Arrangements for Term One at Swan Christian College (SCC)

With Dr Darnelle Pretorius beginning her tenure at Swan Christian College in Term Two, 2022 the task of starting the 2022 school year in a professional and efficient manner was offered to senior leaders at SCC for this transitional period.

Mr Terry Eason has accepted the position of Acting Principal for the duration of Term One, 2022.  Mr Eason has been an integral part of the leadership team at SCC since he joined the College in 2012, and he has served in a number of senior roles during his time in the Secondary school.

With more than a decade of experience in Christian schools, Mr Eason has an excellent working knowledge of the College.  He will be working closely with the Senior Executive Team as they begin the new school year, including the hosting of SCEA’s Celebration Day on Friday 4 March. More information about the new date for the Celebration Day can be found here.

The summer months and the first weeks of term are busy in any school environment, and the SCC Executive Team will be working closely to ensure that all the new and existing students and staff are equipped for an excellent year of teaching and learning on the Great Northern Highway campus.

Please pray for Mr Eason and the entire SCC staff (including the Swan Trade Training Centre staff and the Swanonline staff) as they continue to minister to the young people in their care during this time.

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