SCEA Board Member Mr Stephen McAlpine Wins Christian Book Prize

Most of the SCEA staff will now be familiar with Board Member Mr Stephen McAlpine.

He was the keynote speaker at SCEA’s Better Education Conference in 2019 along with his wife, Jill.

He is the interim pastor at North Coast Church in Balcatta, a trendsetter with his dapper suits and hipster beard, and now an award-winning author with the publication of his book ‘Being the Bad Guys’.

The Australian Christian Book of the Year Award forms part of the Sparklit Awards Ceremony and Steve wrote about it the next morning on his blog (

“It was a real honour to have Being the Bad Guys awarded Australian Christian Book of the Year last night at the Sparklit Awards. The standard of writing in Australian Christian books is high at the moment, and I think part of that is down to our “distance” from the bigger evangelical platforms. It feels like we have some air to breathe and that enables us to be creative in a less crowded market. Thank you Sparklit for having the vision to carry this off.”

If you’re interested in purchasing the book, it can be purchased from Amazon:

Here is an excerpt in case you’re wondering why this book is winning awards across Australia:

‘All of us are immersed in a highly effective discipleship program offered by our culture Monday through Saturday.

In everything, from our phones to Netflix to advertising and news items, we are being offered a discipleship program that invites us to a completely different way of life, mediated to us through a dazzling array of images, sounds, stories and suggestions.

In response, our church gatherings on Sundays must offer discipleship programs that are deeper, richer and more compelling than those offered by the culture. As God’s people we are tasked with laundering one discipleship program OUT of ourselves first, before we can even begin to launder the gospel discipleship program IN.’

Great work Steve!

When he is not preaching, blogging or attending SCEA Board meetings, Steve can be seen running obscene distances around the Swan River in the early hours of the morning or downing organic latte coffees in Bassendean. 

Grab a copy of his book today!

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