Ellenbrook celebrates 20th Anniversary with songs of praise

Friday, September 3rd marked a historic day for the Ellenbrook Christian College (ECC) community as they celebrated 20 years of history since their opening in 2001.

The evening commenced with a celebration event for families with hamburgers, a coffee stall run by ECC students, wonderful music and face-painting for the crowd, before the formal Thanksgiving Service started at 6.30 pm.

The service included a video from founding Principal Mr Jack Joyce who recalled the early years of ECC, before Principal Mr Mike Pitman addressed the 200-strong crowd in the gymnasium. Multiple student choirs and the Staff and Student Worship Band sang Christian songs to celebrate the momentous occasion, and ECC alum Ms Jasmine Nguyen (2015) gave the Bible reading.

Other notable tributes came from Mr Greg Wells (Principal from 2004-2013) who emphasised the community aspect of ECC, and Dr Graeme Cross (Chief Executive Officer of SCEA) who noted that ECC was the first SCEA school to be established as a true ‘open-enrolment’ Christian school; meaning all families were invited to enrol, regardless of their faith background.

‘By opening in this way, we were saying ‘you’re welcome!’ to everyone in this community,’ said Dr Cross.

The night concluded with long-time staff members Miss Sharon Hird and Mrs Leigh Harris reflecting on their time at ECC, each sharing from the Bible.

Special thanks to Ms Marisa Streeton and Mr Steven Wellbeloved for organising such an enjoyable and cheerful evening.

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