ECC students raise thousands as part of World’s Greatest Shave

Those of us familiar with the World’s Greatest Shave campaign may expect student participants to raise somewhere between $100 – $150 in support of cancer research.

Showing incredible passion, Ellenbrook Christian College’s (ECC) Year 12 student Mackenzie B. recently raised an amazing $7,600 on her own, which, when combined with the other college funds raised, totalled more than $16,000.

“Early this year, my mum was diagnosed with cancer, and one of the hardest things for her was losing her hair. So I wanted to raise funds to help find a cure for cancer and to donate my hair to be made into wigs”, said Mackenzie.

The ‘shave day’ involved an assembly with staff members, students of all ages and a committed group of donors from the ECC community. Guest hairdressers shaved the six students and two staff members who were participating in the main event during the afternoon. SCEA Chief Executive Officer Dr Graeme Cross was also on hand to congratulate the huge fundraising effort by the staff and students.

World’s Greatest Shave organisers acknowledged Mackenzie as one of the highest individual fundraisers in Australia this year.

Congratulations to Mackenzie and the other students and staff who raised this impressive total of funds for cancer research!

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