Song of the Week – Ellenbrook’s Mark Cicchini

Ellenbrook Christian College’s Caity Stafford had a problem.

As the Dean of Arts, Technology & Electives, she is directing the ECC’s after-school production of ‘Oliver’ (bookings open on June 18) and she has cast all of young orphans required to play the rascally roles of Oliver Twist, The Artful Dodger and all of Dickensian London’s street kids for the big play.

However, no one could be found for the role of Fagin, the mischievous old man that leads this pack of thieves. The rehearsals are 3-5pm on selected weekdays and the play is due to be released in mere weeks to the local community. 

“Umm, I’m happy to help out if needed,” said Facilities Manager Mr Mark Cicchini, who was repairing some light fixtures in the next room, “but only if no one else can be found.”

The brief for the role of Fagin states that the character needs to be ‘someone comfortable with receiving stolen goods’, ‘teaching young children how to ‘pick’ pockets’ and ‘generally unhelpful in promoting happiness on the city’s streets’.

“I don’t think Mark even needs to audition,” said Caity, “the job is yours!”

Enter Mark Cicchini, the maintenance guru who is building the dramatic backgrounds for the play, and who is now playing one of the lead roles, singing ‘You’ve Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two!’ opposite lead character Isiah C, the Year 7 student in the title role.

Mark’s booming baritone can now be heard throughout the ECC hallways as he practises his lines while repairing fences, painting walls and carrying out all the jobs that need to be done to keep the Santona Boulevard campus looking great.

“I did a bit of musical theatre in my younger days,” says Mark.

“Anything to help out the College. It’s great to see the students so happy and having a go. I’m really excited to see how it will all turn out.”

The production of Oliver boasts a cast of more than 70 students, parents and staff and opens on Thursday 12 August at ECC.

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