Superwoman of the Week: Kylie Smith

“Finance and Accounting are pretty much the same everywhere. The people in SCEA are the reason that I have stayed for so long here!”

Moving from Tasmania to Perth to pursue an unseen job on the back of an interstate phone call was just the beginning of the miraculous events that led to Southern Hill’s Business Manager Kylie Smith working with SCEA almost fourteen years ago.

Happily working in Tasmania in a growing Christian school, Kylie Smith never would have thought that God would call her to Christian service on the other side of Australia.

“It was quite comical, really. Everything fitted into place and I knew it was God’s hand in it all.”

After some convincing from a Christian professional in Sydney, Kylie took the flight to Perth for the SCEA interview.  A communication mixup saw two of the selection panel arrive late in their shorts and tee-shirts and the Christmas holiday interview turned out to be rather an amusing affair!

Back in Tasmania, Kylie’s husband was offered a Perth-based position over a church social event and their destinies were sealed.

“It’s a wonderful experience to work in this setting at SCEA , and pray each day with your colleagues. My favourite part is the opportunity that we have to speak into the lives of families that we may not have otherwise been entitled to.  Christian schools can change families and change lives – I absolutely believe this.”

Over the years at SCEA, Kylie has helped numerous SCEA schools as a Business Manager.  She currently manages Southern Hills and works under SCEA’s Chief Financial Officer Rowan Joubert with SCEA finances to ensure that the organisation continues to grow and stay financially stable.

“I’m not an extrovert – so I feel my skills are best served by serving others,” says Kylie.

Kylie’s humility hides her amazing ability – an uncanny ability to mange figures and juggle multiple balances in her mind at one time. He work across Southern Hills in the last few years has been absolutely staggering.  For the statistically-minded people across the SCEA community, imagine your K-12 school dropping in enrolments to 210 and then rebuilding that same school within three years to almost 400 students for the start of 2021.  It has been quite the rollercoaster ride for the girl from Launceston.

“I really enjoy the strategy discussions that my job affords us at times.  Certainly, with all the changes we had at Southern Hills, we had to change course a number of times and alter strategies for best effect.”

For her efforts, Kylie has a ‘Superwoman’ doll on her desk to remind her of the large list of jobs that must be accomplished each year and a toy fish to remind her of the reward – her beloved pastime of scuba diving which she indulges in with husband Joe when she takes a holiday. “It fills my tank! Its great to see Creation and just feel the beauty of the underwater life when I need to clear my head.”

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