Timepiece of the Week: Rob Devenish

You would be hard pressed to find a more positively-minded person in the world than Rob Devenish. 

“I have been incredibly blessed in my life. More than I can express!” says Rob, who currently teaches Mathematics at Swan after leading schools (Kingsway Merriwa, Geographe Grammar) and teaching scores of young people how to sail boats of all shapes and sizes.

Ten years in the Education Department then led to sixteen years at Kingsway Christian College where Rob forged a strong working relationship with Richelle Schokman at the Merriwa campus, who now works at Northshore Christian Grammar School with Stuart Chisholm, who took over from Rob Devenish at Geographe Grammar.

“Yes, teaching is a very small world. I could not have asked for better colleagues over the years and Richelle and Stuart are really top-quality performers in the field of Christian education.”

These days, Rob can be found at Swan teaching Year 11 mathematics to students who feel that their talents may lay outside of the classroom.

“Some of these young guys can take apart a car engine and put it back together, but because their maths processes are not there they feel very insignificant in life.  I try to build them up over a period of time and it’s a great feeling when they achieve a result that demonstrates growth and perseverance.”

After forty three years of teaching, Rob has seen a lot of different workplaces, but he is now appreciates the variance of work that working in a SCEA school can offer.

“I’ve built four boats, had the chance to see a number of young people gain their Skipper’s tickets through Cadets and so much more! How many people can say they indulged their passions like this in their workplace? Not many.  I always prayed that the Lord would let me serve in a mission field near water, and I wake up each day grinning from ear to ear knowing that I am right where I am meant to be.”

Rob worships each Sunday at North Coast Church in Balcatta and appreciates the expository preaching and the methodical approach to Scripture teaching.

“Its deeply rooted in Bible-based truths.  Its great for me and my family. We’ve been there for a number of years and really enjoy it.” Rob Devenish loves his classroom. It has a clock that is a little bit different to the regular timepieces that you might find in your home – each number on the dial is an equation that must be solved.  It certainly is quirky!  We are blessed to have someone of Rob’s character and capability in SCEA. His smile and encouragement is sure to brighten up your day!

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