Denim of the Week: Jacqui McKay

When Jacquie Mackay’s husband came home that fateful day over a decade ago and suggested that they move from England to Perth, she was relieved to find out that he wasn’t talking about starting a new life in Perth, Scotland but rather the sunnier alternative all the way over in Western Australia.

Even in the strange times that we’re living in today, she manages to maintain an equally sunny disposition which, just like her trademark denim jacket, never goes out of style.

Jacquie came off the plane from the UK and joined the SCEA family and is soon to celebrate ten years in SCEA, having served as Finance Officer at Kalamunda Christian School.

Her daughter attended Ellenbrook Christian College, and Jacqui has enjoyed the sunny change to the Australian way of life.

When asked what makes working at Kalamunda Christian so special, she doesn’t have to think long before answering:

“The families are so nice, and the staff are wonderful. They really make the school a great place to be.”

How true it is!

To keep Kalamunda Christian School running so smoothly, administrative workers like Jacqui need to be sharp and willing to help out, so we know that she deserves a holiday.

Unfortunately, travel bans have made her planned trip back to London in the next few months seem unlikely, but she hasn’t let that get her down.

God willing, that holiday will be soon – sans Covid-19 !

If you see Jacqui around Kalamunda, make sure you say ‘hello’ in an English accent and remind yourself today that denim never goes out of fashion – ever!

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