SCEA Missions & Outreach

"The King will reply, 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.'"

Matthew 25:40 (NIV)


Our vision to influence the next generation globally means we are committed to expanding Christian education online, nationally and internationally. SCEA Missions & Outreach was born out of a desire to unite all of our philanthropic aims as an Association under one banner.

Our current social projects, spanning a range of emphases, are outlined below.


Foreign Language Training

We seek to train all of our students from Kindergarten in foreign language studies, in order for them to understand the wider world and be able to interact with people of different races around the globe. 

Managing Schools Overseas

Our Zambia mission has opened a SCEA-affiliate school, Light Up Ahead School in Kantaloomba, Zambia and many SCEA parents fund and support the programs of this school including teacher salaries, livelihood program startups and women’s empowerment ministries.

Achieving Educational Goals

Year 6 students from all SCEA schools attend the Sydney-Canberra trip and visit Australia’s Federal Parliament as part of their educational experience. Secondary students who visit the Philippines take time to teach in Filipino schools and learn from Filipino teachers and pastors.


SCEA Missions & Outreach currently runs local trips to Karrawang Aboriginal Community for Year 10 students from Southern Hills Christian College.  It enables our SCEA students to see firsthand how life in rural Australia impacts the way in which we live today.

International trips to Zambia and the Philippines are run throughout the year, with students from all SCEA secondary schools given the opportunity to be a part of these trips.  The trips emphasise cultural exchange, living like locals, a heart for the poor and a Christian mindset for the world around us.


By advocating for schools, groups and individuals who require funding for ongoing projects, we are ‘loving our neighbour’ and ‘doing what we would like done for us’.  Successful bids through DFAT, AusAID and other not-for-profit institutions (World Bank, UNICEF, etc) demonstrate a love for people who were created by God for His good works.  Some of the successful advocacy projects include:

·       Micro Enterprise & Micro Finance – a large variety of income earning activities including brick making, fish farms, basic business activities

·       Children’s Projects – rescuing and educating disadvantaged children, programs for AIDS orphans and disabled children and medical programs for communities in need

·       Gender Factors – initiatives to assist women and children who are usually more disadvantaged than men.

Community Development Projects

The SCEA Missions & Outreach team also explore international tendering projects with an emphasis on education and community development (through AusTender and DFAT channels). Future benefits could include the opening of doors in countries which may present themselves as possible international school opportunities, increasing exposure to global educational methods in order to share learning and enhance our Australian educational methodology and offering opportunities to current staff to assist in international educational initiatives.