New Schools

We are constantly exploring opportunities for new schools, sites, partnerships, associations, affiliations and developments which pursue our vision and mission of growing in the number of families and students accessing a Christian education through SCEA.

There are some exciting new developments which will come to fruition in the near future.


Mundaring's New Secondary Campus 

The new Secondary Campus of Mundaring Christian College in Parkerville is home to Year 7-12 students.

Located on 110 acres of pristine bush, the Secondary campus continues to focus on providing an educational environment where creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication all characterise learning in both real and virtual spaces. There is a strong emphasis on sustainability and artisanship through initiatives such as sustainable farming, market gardening and our kiln, forge, glass making and welding facilities. The use of information and communication technology (ICT) continues to be seamlessly integrated into curriculum delivery as a learning tool.

Construction is underway on Stage 2 of the Secondary Campus. The foundation and walls of the first building are complete, and the next month will bring the roof frame and sheeting, installation of internal and external door and window frames, and electricity, air-conditioning, and heavy plant equipment.

The completed Stage 2 will provide students with open areas for general learning, library and technology zones and large central space for assemblies. The focus on flexible learning spaces, instead of individual classrooms, allows for richer connections and stimulates the flow of communication.

This twenty-first century design enhances learning and will prepare students for universities and modern offices which utilise open-plan and shared spaces for innovation and creativity. The College will maintain its nature focus through open air courtyards and gathering spaces, and areas for future aqua- and perma-culture gardens. 

The Senior Campus provides an outstanding local option for a complete education in the Mundaring Hills. 


Northshore Christian Grammar School 

Northshore Christian Grammar School opened its doors in architect-designed, permanent facilities this year, commencing with classes from Kindergarten to Year six and growing year-on-year to include Kindergarten to Year 12. The school will offer Year 7 next year in 2018. 

The school’s core focus is the delivery of a quality academic program following the Western Australian Curriculum. With a focus on excellence in teaching and learning, our desire is to create a culture of highly engaged, purposeful learning where education is enjoyable and where students develop a thirst and the skills for learning. Our Biblical Foundations curriculum will support this learning so students are exposed to a Christian world-view

The aim of the school is to equip students with the wisdom, resilience, skills and knowledge to underpin their acquired intellectual ability and visionary and creative strengths so they can contribute meaningfully to a thriving, peaceful and just world community.

Northshore Christian Grammar School is located on a 9.5 hectare site in Shorehaven at Alkimos estate, approximately 2 minutes east of Marmion Ave, less than 5 minutes from the beach. The school includes permanent, purpose designed class facilities for K to 12 learning, a Primary and full-size oval, dedicated play and common areas, a gymnasium, hard-stand courts and a Community Centre.

Enrolments are now open and we welcome you to be part of the inaugural cohort that will shape the character of a brand new school community. 

Click here to visit the Northshore Christian Grammar School website or please feel welcome to contact 1300 388 905 if we can be of assistance