The Leading Edge in School Design

Found in: School News | Published on: 01 February 2017

There is excitement galore as construction has commenced on Stage 2A of Mundaring Christian College’s Secondary campus in Parkerville.

Although it may look like a basic sketch to some, what is being created is a meticulously planned example of excellence in educational learning spaces. 

From the orientation and aspect of the buildings to the colours and natural materials used and the precise flexibility of each of the learning space configurations, every single detail has been designed with our students and environment at heart.

Unrefuted experts in designing educational facilities, Broderick Architects, draw a parallel between our students as seeds, teachers as the gardeners and the school as a garden where growth takes place. They ensured that the school has a warm feeling that is calm, natural and inviting.

The College’s current building was designed and built for makers and artisans, allowing for the full curriculum to be catered for from day 1 of opening in 2016. Amongst other things, Stage 1 was created for cooking, science, designing and art. The building is unique in that the workshops and specialist areas are not tucked away in a shed but have been given the same value as traditional classrooms. The Art studio, woodcraft and blacksmithing workshops, an ICT design lab and a large exhibition space are grouped together to facilitate collaboration. If you look at the details of the construction, you will notice exposed timber and steel and a range of purposefully selected textures and materials which make the building itself part of the learning, not just the shell for the learning environment.

Stage 2A comprises around one third of the final Stage 2 construction, which will house general learning areas, library and ITC zones and a large central hub for assemblies. Instead of individual classrooms, these learning communities will be more like a university or modern offices with large spaces for gathering, seminar rooms, meeting rooms, booths and alcoves. All the walls will be available for teaching. This will allow for all permutations of learning settings and social groupings. There will be open air courtyards and gathering spaces, and space for further aqua- and permaculture gardens, in line with the College’s connection to the land.

Broderick Architects feel blessed to be able to work with such a pristine environment and a school team who don’t revert to standard and are committed to the best learning outcomes.

Please join with us in praying for safe and speedy construction of Stage 2A, and anticipating with excitement the incomparable learning environment it will offer our students from 2018.