Swan Super Soupers

Found in: School News | Published on: 01 March 2016

Over two years ago, several students and staff of Swan Christian College responded to a talk by the Salvation Army about the plea of the homeless people in Perth.

After deliberating how they could provide practical help for these people, the decision was made to make healthy soups and Swan Super Soupers was “born”. 

"Swan Super Soupers allows students, whose gift is performing acts of service for others, the opportunity to contribute meaningfully to the community," said programme instigator Miss Fabienne Clicteur.

"It also sets a wonderful example to all students at the College that society needs a variety of philanthropic activities, including serving those less fortunate than ourselves."

During the first attempt a total of 16 litres of soup was made. Now, 3 years later, around 200 litres of soups are made every month, including pumpkin soup, potato and leek soup, corn and celery soup, cauliflower and bean soups and a vegetable and lentil soup.

This can only be done thanks to the dedication of many people. Every month a team of staff, parents and students commit to bringing in vegetables and other ingredients for the soups. Then on Tuesday afternoon the kitchens are an absolute hive of activity as students, with the help of staff and parents, clean and chop the vegetables. The soups are refrigerated overnight and cooked on Wednesday morning. By Wednesday afternoon the chickens are deboned and the soups are blended and stored in large buckets ready for collection by the Salvos.

Prior to the involvement of Swan Christian College the Salvation Army used powered packet soups. Today they are able to give the homeless people nutritious, wholesome soups.

"I hereby want to thank everyone involved: our donors, students, staff and parents; Mr Hockley, the home economics staff, the chef and kitchen staff who kindly and patiently allow us to use their facilities every month. It is a privilege to be involved and leading this amazing team and being able to in a small way, make a difference," said Miss Clicteur.  

Swan Christian College students prepare the vegetables for the 200 litres of soup made for Perth's homeless people each month.  

If you would like to donate or help, you can contact Fabienne on 9374 8361 or fabiennec@scea.wa.edu.au.