Southern Hills Students Receive PALS Grant for Service Trip

Found in: School News | Published on: 19 May 2016

Students from Southern Hills Christian College have been awarded a PALS (Partnership, Acceptance, Learning, Sharing) Grant from the WA State Government.

The grant of $750 was awarded towards a service trip which sees Year 10 students from the college visit Kurrawang, an indigenous community outside Kalgoorlie.

This year, the students leave Perth with more resources and a sense of encouragement having been awarded the grant from the Department of Aboriginal Affairs for their efforts in partnering with this Aboriginal community.

The grant encourages young Western Australian school students to develop projects that promote reconciliation in the community.

Trip Coordinator and Southern Hills Teacher Mr. Morris Prinsloo confirmed that the funds will be used towards engagement activities on this year’s trip.

“We travel to Kalgoorlie and then out to a very transient community,” said Mr Prinsloo.

“We typically work in service teams to run a weekly program of activities, and in the past have completed activities such as renovating houses, building gardens, footpaths, and other structures at the school in the Kurrawang community.

“We are so happy that the WA government is so supportive of what we are try to do,” he said.

Southern Hills Christian College has run a variety of service trips for students at different year levels for more than seven years, with students travelling to remote parts of Australia and as far away as the Philippines in their efforts to understand different cultures and the wider world around them.

 “This trip aims to expand our knowledge of traditional Aboriginal culture,” said Mr. Prinsloo.

“We spend time with members of the community and listen to their stories of how life is lived in this part of Australia,” he said.

 As well as the government grant, students from Southern Hills Christian College raised funds throughout the year for this trip through their own means.

“Some of the students work part-time jobs to pay for the trip, some of them run stalls at lunchtime – it really is the highlight of their year to be out in Kurrawang with indigenous children enjoying life together,” said Mr. Prinsloo.  

Year 10 students Brodie and Natalie are delighted with the grant.