Performing Arts Workshop Strikes a Chord

Found in: School News | Published on: 10 July 2017

Students from Swan Christian Education Association schools came together for their annual Performing Arts Workshop, held on Thursday and Friday 29-30 of June.

This year brought students from Swan Christian College, Mundaring Christian College, Ellenbrook Christian College, and Kalamunda Christian School.

Across the two days all students rotated between band or string tutorials, full band or string ensemble rehearsals and recreation activities that focused on team building games and activities.

It was a special time of musical development for the band students, as each band and string ensemble learnt two new songs to perform at the concert on Friday evening.

Teachers and Tutors commented that this workshop allows students to practice and learn together instead of only playing individually.

They further commented that this experience teaches the students responsibility, both in playing an instrument and in working as a band to learn new songs over a short amount of time.

A Kalamunda Year 6 student said she loves playing the violin because it’s fun and she enjoyed playing together with the string ensemble.

“It’s hard but it’s really fun playing my instruments” said Year 4 students.

“It was fun playing with different people from other schools” commented another student.

The lunches for the workshop were provided by Swan Christian College’s hospitality department, and tasted great according to one Ellenbrook student.

The Friday evening concert closed with both bands and the string ensemble performing a music piece called the “Bumble Bee Blues”, composed by Kalamunda Christian School’s Bands Director, Anne Wheat.

All the children had a fantastic time coming together to play music!