Parents in the classroom to launch the Art of Learning Program

Found in: School News | Published on: 29 March 2018

Parents from Mundaring Christian College were ‘students for an evening’ on March 22, taking part in an interactive workshop to launch the FORM ‘Art of Learning’ project at the College for 2018.

Mundaring Christian College’s Primary Campus has been selected as one of five schools in WA to be part of the exciting program, where artists-in-residence work with teachers to develop student creativity and boost their performance across all learning areas.

Thursday night’s activity with international creativity experts Paul Collard and Paul Gorman introduced parents to creative thinking challenges similar to those their students will be enjoying in the coming months.

Paul Gorman, Creative Practicioner and founder of Hidden Giants (Scotland), said that it was great to see parents in the classroom.

“The art of learning is a program that looks to bring artists and teachers together to find new ways of learning and teaching”, said Paul Gorman.

“One of the key parts of tonight’s program was to have teachers and parents in the same room, to talk, share, and have fun, and it to not be about their child, but the whole idea of learning and education, 21st century skills and creativity.

“We completed a couple of exercises about drawing and communication and what that says about how people engage in learning”, he said.

“When a teacher sets out to pass on information, they have to accept that almost every child hears the information differently, based on a whole set of other things.

“How aware we are of that, and the way we support teachers to think about how they’re designing future lessons, enables development of creativity skills and ensures every child’s voice is heard”, he said.

Appointed artists-in-residence will shortly commence sixteen week placements within the College’s years 1/2 and  5/6 classes, with aspects of the program tailored specifically to Mundaring Christian College.

“We are extremely excited to have been chosen to be a part of this initiative,” said Mundaring Christian College Principal, Mr. Rod McNeill.

“We’ve been selected primarily because of our enthusiasm and desire to cultivate creativity, which melds so well with this program.

“Our College deeply values and focusses on boosting our students’ performance across all learning areas, and this program has been designed to do precisely that,” he said.