First Foundations Laid at NCGS

Found in: School News | Published on: 10 May 2016

At 7.30am on Monday May 9th, the De Francesch Building Company began pouring concrete of the foundations and concrete slabs of stage one of Northshore Christian Grammar School.

Stage one of construction includes two major buildings – an Early Learning Centre and a Primary School Block.

The concrete pour was followed by the installation of structural steel and the walls, as both buildings begin to rapidly take shape.

Northshore Christian Grammar School Principal, Mr Stuart Chisholm said, “This is a major milestone in the development of the new school for the Alkimos community."

“It is exciting to see our vision come to life as construction commences,” he said.

Each of these two buildings comprises 6 classrooms around a large shared gallery, which will allow for indoor assemblies, collaborative learning and other social activities.

Mr Eamon Broderick from award winning Broderick Architects said “Our objective was to design a school that created its own unique sense of space.

“Facilities have been designed to inspire a collaborative and modern learning approach, with open plan learning environments and integration of communication technologies,” he said.

The design of the buildings incorporates features to create a bright environment, with wide open doors allowing for free flow of air. The aspect of the buildings captures maximum natural light and each building is surrounded by a wide verandah for shade, outdoor play and seating.

Inside, the design of the learning areas incorporates findings based on research by Stephen Heppell, a world leader in learning space design.  L-shaped classes allow for an agile layout and flexible learning areas, including quiet nooks with built in seats.

Student wellbeing has also been at the forefront of design, with facilities at the school designed to deliver practical benefits to every individual on campus.

“We have taken great care to ensure that student supervision is paramount,” said Mr. Chisholm.

Outside, the master plan incorporates a hardcourt with a reversible netball/basketball tower as well as a nature based playground to awaken a sense of adventure and exploration in young minds as well as facilitate healthy, energetic bodies.

“We believe play is a vital and essential part of a child’s development. Play is how children create and preserve friendships.

“Play helps foster important life skills and, critically, a state of mind that is ready for high-level reasoning, insightful problem solving, and all kinds of creative endeavours,” said Mr Chisholm.

Located within the Central Precinct of the Shorehaven at Alkimos community, the school’s design pays homage to its location and strong maritime history. Design elements include a limestone rammed earth feature wall and the use of Norfolk Pines to reflect the area’s coastal connections.

Mr Broderick added “Northshore Christian Grammar School will be a significant architectural landmark for the community, with contemporary materials, engaging urban spaces and state of the art collaborative learning environments.  After extensive planning and development, we are thrilled to commence construction on this exciting project.”