Cross-school Collaboration

Found in: School News | Published on: 01 January 2016

During 2015 a range of cross-school initiatives were enjoyed. Often initiated by individual staff members from one school, these events are a wonderful opportunity to come together as a family of schools.   

Some of this year's initiatives include:


This year, competition at the 2nd annual SCEAVision at Swan Christian College was extra fierce as 33 performers battled it out during 27 performances in 13 different languages. From dramatic readings in French, to Aboriginal gospel songs, YMCA performed in Minion language to nursery rhymes in Afrikaans and Japanese, the students excelled and had a great time as they performed in front of a highly entertained and multicultural audience.

New languages this year included Hindi, Burmese, Aboriginal, Maori, Auslan and Greek and many students chose Christian items. Staff and students from Geographe Grammar School gave a special performance, playing traditional instruments and singing in Indonesian.

Choral Fest

The 4th annual Junior Choral Fest was hosted by Ellenbrook Christian College.  Students, staff and parents were treated to an energetic 60’s performance by Ellenbrook’s Hairspray Harmonies, before an opening prayer and the National Anthem kicked off the proceedings.

A choir from each of the metropolitan SCEA schools, took turns in performing two chosen items, ranging from modern praise songs, to traditional spiritual melodies, pop ballads and folk songs. A special guest choir from Regent College was also invited to contribute to the event.

Family and friends, as well as students from Ellenbrook Christian College enjoyed the performances and group songs throughout the day. All together over 250 children loved being a part of this event, which not only showcased the talent of SCEA students, it also celebrated the unity and diversity of the SCEA schools.

Performing Arts Workshop

Kalamunda Christian School hosted a 2-day workshop for students across our Association who play in training and performing bands. Alongside musical skill development, students enjoyed team building and leisure activities, to help them appreciate their role as members of a musical team.

Science Academy

The Science Academy, an after school enrichment program for students from any school with a passion for the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), continued to be popular in 2015.

In collaboration with prominent Perth scientists, the Science Academy aims to extend, excite and engage students from Years 4 to 9 by giving them access to objects and people that most students would not encounter in the day-to-day school context.

The Science Academy was instigated at Ellenbrook Christian College and now also operates at Southern Hills Christian College.

Academic All Stars Tournament

Kalamunda Christian School was the first of our schools to work closely with Academic All Stars Tournament pioneer, Irene Daniels, in hosting a tournament for other SCEA schools and local schools at Kalamunda’s campus. 

The student delegates were academically and creatively challenged for a good cause as over $2000 was raised for Compassion. Furthermore, the event strengthened ties with other local schools as well as being a good example of cross-school collaboration.

The Academic All Stars competition is one that has stretched and challenged our students. They really enjoy the challenge of the academic and creative tasks, as well as using their gifts and talents to work together as part of a team

Rachel Pendal, Teacher Kalamunda Christian School

Maggie Dent

Many of our schools have capitalized on our good relationship with renowned educator Maggie Dent, by hosting her at their school. These events are always well attended and appreciated by the school communities.