Biblical Foundations Curriculum Forum is Go!

Found in: School News | Published on: 01 January 1970

The Biblical Foundations Curriculum (BFC) was introduced at the Mind the Gap Conference in 2014, and has already been put into effect across SCEA schools. The uniqueness of this curriculum is that it is our curriculum. It is the product of over 50 staff contributing ideas ranging from the overall structure of the curriculum down to specific teaching strategies. The vision of the Biblical Foundations Curriculum is that this collaboration and contribution is not just for the past but for the present and the future. This curriculum is our curriculum and represents our best teaching practice as an organization. To achieve this goal and facilitate an ongoing discussion and contribution of our best ideas and resources, the Biblical Foundations Curriculum Forum has been created and is now available for staff to join and start asking questions and contributing ideas.
In this initial phase of the Forum it will be hosted using the Edmodo platform, Many teachers are already familiar with this site, but for those who are not, in appearance and general use it is very much like FaceBook but is a closed community for which you need a code to join.
Four forums have been set up, with the codes for each being:
Years K-2 499n7v
Years 3-6 5iajtd
Years 7-9 dva4ww
Years 10-12 fyh6mb
Those who already have an Edmodo account should log in and, using the relevant code, join their group. Those who do not should create a free account as a teacher and then use their relevant code to join their group. Once you have joined your group you can then join in the conversation, ask questions and contribute ideas and resources. Note that when setting up an account, please enter an email address, otherwise you will not be able to receive notification of posts to the forum.
If you have any problems, please contact me at
Don Smith
SCEA Biblical Foundations Consultant